Sunday, 22 January 2017

Goals For 2017

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year (is it still acceptable to say that!?). This is a very belated 'Goals For 2017' post - I have been so busy revising for my exams and I really need to get better at organising my time between blogging and studying! Sharing my goals for the year ahead with you will hopefully motivate me more to achieve them and it may give you some ideas of what goals to set for yourself if you haven't already.

Improve my blog: A very common goal among bloggers but I really want to dedicate more time to my blog this year and improving my photography skills so I can create higher quality posts.

Exercise regularly: This is one of the goals I set myself every year and it always starts off well but then it goes downhill! So far I've managed to go to the gym three times a week, however, if I can't make it to the gym then I've been following Youtube workouts in my room.

Eat more healthily: Whilst at university I find it so easy to snack on biscuits and chocolate when I'm studying and make quick meals that don't have much nutritional value. Since coming back to university I've been trying to incorporate more fruit and veg into my meals and make more of my meals from scratch.

Travel more: This year I want to travel to as many places as possible (and that my bank balance will let me!), so I'm trying to manage my money so that I'll be able to afford more trips away.

Improve my organisational skills: For Christmas I received The Happiness Planner which is really useful for planning what I'm going to do each day. Throughout 2017 I want to get better at dividing my time between blogging and university work.

Bake more often: Baking is one of my favourite things to do in my spare time and I never do it enough. This year I want to do more baking and share the recipes I use on my blog.

Hopefully we will all be able to make 2017 our best year yet! What goals have you set yourself for the year ahead?

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Visiting London

Earlier this week I went to London for a few days to visit the Harry Potter Studios and see some other sights. I had been wanting to go to the Harry Potter Studios for ages and what better time to go than when all of the Christmas props are out! Whilst in London, I also visited the Sky Garden, which gave incredible views of London - it's free entry and I would recommend doing this if you ever get the chance. Borough Market had a massive selection of food (it took about 20 minutes to decide what to eat!) and I tried a Curly Whirly from Konditor & Cook, which is my new favourite thing and I'm definitely going to try baking this myself. On my final evening I went to Covent Garden to have a look round some of the shops and see the pretty Christmas decorations. This post is going to be quite photo-heavy as I have loads of photos that I want to share with you! Are you visiting London over Christmas?

Sunday, 4 December 2016

November Favourites

I haven't been using very many new products this month so this is going to be quite a short post. Also, I'm undecided as to whether I'm going to carry on with the monthly favourites posts next year - I'm considering doing seasonal favourites posts instead. What would you prefer?

This is the first year I've bought myself a beauty advent calendar and I'm so pleased with the Ciate Mini Mani Month one. The calendar contains 18 mini nail polishes, 1 full size nail polish, 1 nail file, 2 nail toppers, and 2 treatments. Each box which the nail polishes come in has a quote or tip wrote on the back. Overall, I think this advent calendar was great value for money and all of the nail polishes are so pretty.

Next up I've been loving the Elegant Touch Rapid Dry. This has been a saviour when I'm in a rush and don't have enough time to wait around for my nails to dry. I was slightly apprehensive before I first used it because surely it can't dry my nails in 60 seconds!? The spray really does work though and, although your nails aren't completely dry, they're dry enough so you don't have to worry about smudging the polish.

My friend bought me a gorgeous pack of earrings from Accessorize a while ago and I've been wearing them non-stop this month. I never wear big earrings and these little ones are perfect for wearing everyday - they're also comfortable to sleep in. Due to the earrings being sterling silver they don't leave marks on my ears, unlike some cheaper earrings.

Finally, I got the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I had been wanting this for ages after receiving a tester of it a few months ago. I apply a few drops of this after I've moisturised every night. A small amount goes a long way so this bottle is going to last me a while. The oil makes my skin feel a lot softer and more moisturised when I wake up, as well as more radiant. I'll definitely be repurchasing this whenever it runs out.

I hope you've enjoyed reading what my favourites have been this month. What have you been loving during November?

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Caseapp Christmas Collaboration & Giveaway

If you've been reading my blog for a while now then you will know that a few months ago I did a collaboration with Caseapp - you can read the post on it here. Today I'm back with another Caseapp post and a giveaway for you guys!

Caseapp allows you to create custom iPhone, Samsung, and iPad cases, as well as MacBook, iPod, PC Laptops, HTC, and Nokia skins. Rather than creating your own custom case or skin, you can also pick one of their designs if you'd prefer that and customize it with text and images, or leave it how it is.

This time I decided to go for two of the 'Tough' iPhone cases, whereas last time I ordered a standard iPhone case. This case has a silicone lining to protect all sides of the phone and screen. I prefer this to the standard case that I bought last time because that one felt a bit too thin and I was worried what would happen if I dropped my phone. The first case I picked was the 'Marble in bronze' one, which is one of Caseapps designs, and I chose the finish to be matte rather than glossy. The second case I got was the 'New years glitter' one and I decided to add a quote to this one as I thought it was appropriate for the design. Caseapp offers you guidelines to show you where to place your text so that none of it gets cut off when they make your design. I probably should of used a bigger or bolder text for the quote because it's not very visible but, other than that, I'm happy with how the case turned out. Also, if you decide that the case looks too chunky with the silicon lining, you can remove it from the case and use the case without the lining.

Caseapps cases and skins would make great Christmas presents with a personal touch. If you would like to get your hands on a Caseapp product (to the value of £22), then comment below saying that you would like to be entered into the giveaway and follow Caseapps and my instagram - this giveaway will be open until 7th December 2016. Additionally, if you would like to order something off of Caseapps website, you can get 20% off of your order with the code; BOUGHTWHAT20. This is valid until 17th December 2016.

*These two products were kindly sent to me for free from Caseapp, however, I have given my honest opinion in this review.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Lush Christmas Haul

Visiting Lush around Christmas has become a tradition of mine; I love using Lush products all year round but I get particularly excited when they release their Christmas range. This year I thought I would try some of the products that I haven't tried before.

The first product I picked up was the Rose Jam Shower Gel. I had seen this before and knew that it was a firm favourite among bloggers. Rose is one of my favourite fragrances for body products and this shower gel contains Turkish rose absolute, which smells amazing and lasts a long time. Rose Jam also contains argan oil, vanilla pod infusion, Sicilian lemon oil, and goji berry juice. I'll definitely be repurchasing this before Christmas is over.

Every year I buy The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar and this year was no exception. This is probably the most photogenic product that Lush has to offer (think of the Instagrams!). The Magic of Christmas is a blend of cinnamon leaf oil, almond essential oil, and sweet orange oil, on a cinnamon stick. This has about 4 or 5 uses in it and creates a lot of bubbles with a small amount.

Another bubble bar that I bought this year was Candy Mountain. I've never used this one before but I was drawn to it's sweet vanilla scent and sparkly striped design. This bubble bar turns the bath water a gorgeous pink colour and you get about 3 uses out of it because you just break off as much as you need.

Finally, I got myself the Northern Lights Bath Bomb - I'd never seen this one before. The bath bomb smells incredible; containing jasmine absolute and ylang ylang oil. Northern Lights puts on an impressive display when you drop it in the water with vibrant blues, purples, greens, and yellows mixing together, however, this does unfortunately turn into a murky green colour after a while. Nevertheless, I'll be picking up a few more of these bath bombs when I'm next in a Lush store.

There are still plenty of products from Lush's Christmas range that I want to try so I'll have to revisit the store sometime soon. Have you tried any of their Christmas products?

Sunday, 6 November 2016

October Favourites

Can you believe that it's November already? This year is going ridiculously quick and I'm not ready to think about Christmas yet! Anyway, today I've got my favourite products from October to share with you.

For my birthday, some of my friends bought me the Ultimate Travelist book. This contains the best 500 places to visit and you also get a map with the top 100 places, so you can pin that on your wall if you want to. The photos in this book are beautiful and I enjoyed going through it and seeing how many places I'd visited (which was only 13!). Next time I book a holiday I'm going to use the Ultimate Travelist to see where I should go.

Halloween gave me the perfect excuse to buy a vampy lipstick and lipliner from MAC. I picked up the shade Sin, which is a dark blue red matte lipstick, and I also got Dark Out, which is a burgundy plum pro longwear lip pencil. This combination goes really well together and lasted all night for Halloween - if you want to see what it looks like on my lips then check out my previous blog post here.

This month I've been using the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray a lot. I had never used a makeup setting spray before this, however, I have quite oily skin and this spray does seem to help stop my makeup from rubbing off my nose and chin. The spray promises to keep your makeup looking like it's just been applied for up to 16 hours - I haven't worn my makeup for that long so I don't know how true that is, but the spray keeps my makeup looking better for longer.

Finally, the VO5 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder has been a saviour when my hair's looking flat. You just shake some of the powder into your roots (not too much otherwise it can start to feel sticky) and then rub it in to add volume. If you want to add more volume then you can backcomb the powder into your hair.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you like using in October?